Posted by: Isis | April 20, 2010


The MRI results were good–no tumors, no masses, no pinched nerves, no slipped discs.

But upon further examination of both Sasha and the x-rays taken today, the vet decided that he was not 100% convinced that the problem is in the hip. Part of the issue is that she shows more pain than indicated by the amount of dysplasia and arthritis shown in the x-rays. That doesn’t mean it’s not a hip problem–we all know she’s a sensitive beast–but it means that it’s harder to tell where the pain is coming from.

So the next step is a test. He gave her a cortisone shot in her hip–if that makes her feel better, then he’ll feel more certain that the pain is originating in the hip and we’ll reschedule the surgery. And if it doesn’t make her feel better, then we’re back to square one.

I’m frustrated by not knowing, but very happy to have her home tonight.


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