Posted by: Isis | June 17, 2010

A Long-Overdue Update

Well, it’s been a while! I’ve been busy taking Sasha on long walks and cleaning up after her shenanigans in the house–she ate a bar of soap 2 weeks ago (and then threw it up) and followed that by chewing on dental floss. Luckily, neither incident required a trip to the vet.

It’s been 8 weeks since she got the cortisone shot and went off her pain meds, and she’s a new dog. Frisky, fun, playful, and, yes, even slightly evil at times. We’re not sure how long the cortisone will last (we didn’t expect it to last this long), but we’re going to enjoy our energetic dog while it lasts.

Once the cortisone wears off, we may be able to do one more shot before finally having to go through with the surgery. I talked to the vet a few weeks ago and he said to check in monthly, or sooner if she starts to show signs of pain. So far, so good!

I have some new pictures of her, which I’ll post over the weekend.


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