Posted by: Isis | April 20, 2010

Sasha’s Home

More later. She’s sleepy and happy to be home. No surgery today.

Posted by: Isis | April 20, 2010

A Complication

After doing an exam (she tried to bite him again), sedating her, and doing the pre-surgery x-rays, the vet called to tell me that neither surgeon is comfortable going ahead with the surgery this morning. Even though they’ve seen her x-rays from our regular vet, they felt that today’s x-rays didn’t show enough abnormality to definitely indicate the kind of pain she’s in.

Since she’s already under sedation, they’re going to do an MRI of her spine to check one last time that the problem isn’t somewhere other then her hip.

He’ll call with results when the MRI is done, in about an hour.

Posted by: Isis | April 20, 2010

The Big Day

We dropped Sasha off at the clinic this morning about 8am. She was going to be IVed, shaved, and prepped about 10am for a noon surgery that will last about 3 hours. When the surgery is over, the vet’s going to give me a call.

Posted by: Isis | April 19, 2010

Sasha & Her Best Buddy, Miss E

Posted by: Isis | April 18, 2010

How to Get Around with a Bum Leg

Sasha’s been without one of her pain meds (Rimadyl) for 2 days now and it’s showing. (Because Rimadyl is also a blood thinner, she had to go off it for a few days before the surgery.)

She still wants to ride in the car and go to work, but hesitates more and more. A few weeks ago, my dad built a step for her to get in and out more easily. A couple treats and she took right to it!

Here’s a small (and blurry) picture of her getting out of the car using the step.

And here she is relaxing in the car.

Posted by: Isis | April 2, 2010

A Rough Night

Sasha paced the house last night for hours–mostly up and down the stairs, sometimes stopping for a few minutes halfway up or down. At 2am, I gave her half of a Tramadol (the narcotic-like pain reliever she already takes twice a day) and that seemed to help. She didn’t want to sleep in her usual place, but stayed on the main floor. Wouldn’t get up this morning to say hi to either of us, but was interested in her breakfast.

Posted by: Isis | March 26, 2010

On Her Deck

Posted by: Isis | March 13, 2010

Sasha’s Birthday

Sasha is 5 today! We celebrated with a couple great walks in the rain and a huge cookie! The treat was from The Lobster Trap in Asheville, NC.

Posted by: Isis | March 10, 2010

Given the All-Clear

My mom and I took Sasha to her 6-weeks-before-surgery exam yesterday, where the vet checked to determine that the problem is definitely in her hips and not in her spine. Since she shows more pain in the hip that has less dysplasia and arthritis, he wanted to be certain that there wasn’t something else going on that a hip replacement wouldn’t fix.

The vet gave the muzzle to me to put on her (gee, thanks!). She was quick to get her paw up next to her nose so I had trouble getting in on her. No trouble getting it off, though, when the exam was over! She squeaked a bit when he pulled on her legs, but didn’t thrash around or try to get at him.

The vet talked to us quite a bit about the titanium parts they use, how the parts are attached to the bone, and how to care for Sasha after the surgery. Basically, she’ll be on bed rest for 6 weeks and limited to slow walks (increasing in length every week) for 6 more weeks, and then back to her usual self.

After healing is complete, he recommended no extended play sessions with other dogs, but suggested agility training if she is interested and has the energy for it. Might be fun!

After the exam, he tried to make friends with her, but she ignored him.

Posted by: Isis | March 10, 2010

Sasha & Tatters

Sasha & her Labrador buddy Tatters chillaxing. Tatters’ tail never stops moving!

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